Fetal / placental samples for investigation of cause of abortion

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept samples from abortions or stillbirths for testing, with the exception of maternal serology.

The reasons for this are:

  1. our routine sampling handling facilities are not suitable for samples likely containing the zoonotic pathogens associated with abortion
  2. we cannot offer the full range of tests in-house

Both APHA and SRUC offer abortion investigation packages and these are subsidised by government as part of GB scanning surveillance. If we receive samples from abortions or stillbirths, we will contact you to get the correct paperwork completed and then forward directly to SRUC for testing.

Although we cannot accept samples from abortions or stillbirths, we are happy to discuss cases, sample selection and offer advice based on laboratory findings. We are also happy to receive samples from on farm post mortem examinations for diagnostic testing. All samples must be appropriately packaged to prevent leakage in transit.

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