Rabies Testing Laboratory Closure and Upgrades

We will be shutting down our high containment rabies testing laboratory temporarily in order to complete our routine biannual maintenance. This shutdown is required to enable our engineers to gain access to the laboratory for routine servicing in order to ensure that the laboratory and equipment are maintained to the highest standard.

As well as our routine maintenance we will also be performing some plant upgrades to improve reliability of some of our safety critical equipment. This additional work will mean the shutdown period will be slightly longer than normal, however it will mean our rabies service will be even more reliable moving forward.

All other areas of our business will operate as normal during this period.

This work will start in August 2022 with a timetable as follows:

15 Aug 22 (Mon) Last tests will be set up
17 Aug 22 (Wed) Tests from 15 Aug 22 will be read and reported.
Week of 12 Sep 22 Normal testing resumes (Exact date subject to engineer service sign off).
19 Sep 22 (Mon) First results will be reported.

This means that for a period of approximately one month, no rabies testing will be available. We will naturally use our best endeavours to ensure the upgrade works are completed as quickly as possible in order to minimise the downtime and service disruptions to our customers. During the shutdown we will post updates on our social media channels to confirm exact re-start dates. 

As with previous shutdowns we will clear the testing backlog as quickly as possible to ensure your results get back to you within our normal published timescales. Once the facility returns to normal operations our express service will be available for any urgent samples, all other samples will be processed in order or receipt.

Express testing will not be available during the shutdown as the unit is closed and no tests can be set up.

If you are aware of any clients that may require certificates before 19 Sep 22 we would encourage you to send in samples as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiry@biobest.co.uk if you require any further information regarding the shutdown.


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  1. Hello,

    I would like to clarify that the closure of rabies testing will be on AUGUST 15 2022?

    I have sent a sample yesterday from the Philippines (country of origin) and is expected to arrive in UK on August 02. Will my sample still be tested on this time?

    I would appreciate your response.

    Thank you and best regards.

    • Dear John,

      Our final testing day will be 15th August 2022 before our facility maintenance closure and so if your sample arrives on or before 15th August, as expected, we will be able to test it.

      Kind regards,

      Evie Tomlinson

  2. Good day!

    We are scheduled to extract blood sample on August 8 for the rabies serologic titer since it is the 30th day from their rabies vaccination. I am wondering if the specimen would make it to your office before the temporary closure. It will be coming from Metro Manila, Philippines and will be sent on the same day of extraction via FedEx.

    • Dear Roxanne,

      We cannot guarantee when how long FedEx will take to deliver your sample but if it arrives on or before 15th August we will be able to test it before the shutdown. If it arrives after the 15th it will be prepared and stored appropriately for testing when our facility reopens.

      King regards,

      Evie Tomlinson

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