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Changes To The Testing Schedule at Biobest

Changes To The Testing Schedule at Biobest


In these unprecedent times, we at Biobest Laboratories are doing everything we can to continue providing the services our customers depend on, whilst protecting our staff from infection risk.  To help us achieve this goal we are, from Monday 19Oct20, changing the working patterns for our lab staff.  This will involve moving to a shift working model with the lab operating for longer hours each day and our scientists working differing hours to reduce the number of staff in the lab at any given time.


What this means for our customers


In many cases this change will have minimal impact on testing schedule, and in some cases may even result in customers receiving results slightly faster than usual.  We will however be advising customers, where possible, to get their samples to us the day before their required test is due to be run as some testing will start early in the morning before that day’s post has arrived.  Where this is not possible, we advise customers get in touch with our admin team beforehand so we can try to ensure their sample can still be placed on that day’s test.


Avian PCR


Samples for avian sexing or disease testing by PCR are required the day before prep day (i.e. by Friday to go on Mon prep and by Tue to go on Wed prep), there may be occasions when we can add the odd sample on here and there if necessary that come in on test day but this will not always be possible.