Feline and Canine TB

Feline and Canine TB Testing

The interferon gamma  test is intended to assist in the diagnosis of suspected feline TB cases. The interferon gamma test can be useful in categorising cats with suggestive lesions appropriately. This in turn can inform decisions as to whether treatment is appropriate and whether it is necessary to report the case to APHA (Suspected Bovine TB is a notifiable disease in all mammals). There is also some evidence that the test can be used to monitor treatment, with responses falling in cats in remission.



Sample Guidelines

See below for our testing timetable, usually performed on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.

A minimum of 3ml of heparinised blood should be collected on the Tuesday or Wednesday (<48 hours) before the test is run and sent to the laboratory by an overnight service.  Please call Biobest before arranging to collect sample to confirm testing scheduling.  For testing outwith scheduled testing times the cost will be twice the standard test price and will need to be agreed in advance. Samples must not be chilled as this will interfere with cell viability and test performance.

Click here for feline and canine submission forms to be sent in with your sample.