Join HiHealth Herdcare

Join HiHealth Herdcare

Signing up to HiHealth Herdcare is easy - simply let us know the type of herd you manage and the diseases that you wish to test for

Beef Shorthorn

HiHealth Herdcare Membership Options

  • BVD only membership
  • bTB only membership
  • bTB add on to BVD or full membership
  • Full (Eradication, monitoring & accreditation for you to 5 diseases)
Bulk milk monitoring programme

(3 bulk milk samples per annum including testing, milk pots and veterinary reporting)

  • Silver (BVD, IBR & Leptospirosis CHECS programme & Johne's Disease, Neospora, Live Fluke and Ostertagia)
  • Gold (Silver plus 3 Bactoproof™ mastitis tests)

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Further information about HiHealth Herdcare is available in our membership blooklet which can be downloaded here.