Avoid Customs Delays When Sending Samples From Overseas

We have recently experienced an upsurge in the number of overseas samples sent to us that have been held up at customs due to courier service paperwork not being filled out correctly.   Not filling in courier service paperwork correctly can result in unnecessary extra work for administrative team, additional charges for customers and an increased likelihood of sample quality deterioration.

The majority of recent cases of samples being held up at customs and border control have been sent using FedEx & TNT courier services.  We therefore ask all customers using this courier service to be particularly careful when filling in their paperwork.  The below advise does however apply to ALL samples coming from overseas.


What to do

When filling out courier service paperwork, all the following information must be made clear on the courier service paperwork:

  • Sample type – Serum/Blood
  • Species – Canine/Feline
  • Purpose – Diagnostic testing and destruction within 30 days
  • Sample value – $1
  • Non-hazardous

Example package contents wording – “Canine serum sample for diagnostic test and destruction within 30 days, value $1, non-hazardous”


Packaging samples

Packaging is also important in an aim to avoid packages being delayed at customs, please see our packaging guidance below:

  • Ensure the sample is sealed and wrapped in tissue or cotton
  • Put the sample in a small clean Tupperware tub or rigid container
  • Put the tub in a padded envelope with your submission form and payment information
  • Put the padded envelope inside the courier packaging
  • Attach the 2 Biobest import licences to the outside of the courier package with the waybill

By providing all this information clearly, you drastically decrease the chances of your sample being delayed at customs.  If you are unclear about these guidelines, you can contact our admin team by email at [email protected].