National Youngstock Conference Offer

We have a fantastic opportunity for our farm clients who may be attending the National Youngstock Conference 2022 – use the code VPyoungstock22 to get £10 discount on the £35 ticket. 


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National Youngstock Conference

Harper Adams University – 27th July 2022

The calf rearing period is the most crucial time for any livestock system, with success in later life being greatly determined by the inputs and management of the new-born calf. Research has shown that the way an animal is managed and how it performs during its first few months of life will affect how well it performs later, be that as milk production in the dairy sector or as finishing performance for beef animals.

The National Youngstock Conference (NYC) is set to provide practical advice on the key areas of calf management and help support dairy and beef producers to optimise calf, welfare, and growth to ensure lifetime productivity. This is a one-day event, held at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, 9.00am – 4.30pm. VetPartners has 2 vets speaking at this event.

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